CPWI told you I was a fiberholic.  I learned to knit, then I learned to spin wool.  The next step in the evolution was to obtain sheep.  In 2006, we moved out to our farm and I became a shepherdess. The photo on the left features my Canadian Production Wheel that I owned for awhile. I learned however that I am a left handed spinner and this wheel is much more comfortable for a right handed spinner.

spinning wheel 50 percentMy tried and true Kromski wheel is centered and referred to as a castle styled wheel which is comfortable for a right or a left handed spinner.

I started a podcast called Ba Ba Blacksheep where I was the host Bowpeep.  I will be bringing back the podcast for you to enjoy.  In 2010, I wrote an article, Choosing Fiber – Where to Start, for Spin Off magazine in the summer edition.  I detail the fiber qualities, uses and behaviors of various animal fibers.

I belong to a group of spinners in my area and we enjoy getting together weekly to spin a good yarn. We enjoy meeting up at various locations inside and out.  Tomorrow is our annual trip to the Thorenson Farm where the book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull was penned in the back bedroom of the old farmhouse.  I’ll be talking about it in my blog.

DSC01457We’ve also enjoyed the National Day of Knitting by spinning in the park at Crystal Lake bordering the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, voted the most beautiful place in America in 2011 on Good Morning America. We do have some beautiful scenery to sit spinning in the summer breeze.