My JanomeSewing is in my blood from many generations. I almost gave up early on when the Barbie clothes were so tiny and hard to sew and turn inside out. However my mother had other ideas since she was determined I was going to learn to sew my own clothes. I was to skinny to fit into the store bought sizes and she made almost everything I wore.

I wouldn’t recommend giving a teenager suffering from PMS a seam ripper and telling her to let it rip…it might be miscontrued as a weapon to be used against older brothers.  Kidding aside, I learned a lot about sewing including tailoring and lining jackets. My mother eventually owned a fabric store and I was her fill in when she wasn’t able to mind the store.

I’ve made lots of clothes, some drapery projects, home decor items and miscellaneous other sewing projects over the years. I’ve enjoyed sewing and have started a couple of quilts. I’m working on my third quilt now. This one is a lot less pressure since no one is expecting it to be finished, but me. I’m going to call it “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – My Heart Recovery Quilt 2015”.

This year I finally upgraded my sewing machine after almost 30 years on my old Singer.  I bought a Janome “Skyline” model featured in the photo on this page.  I’m really enjoying sewing all over again!