Jenny Doan and familyI’m so excited, I feel like a kid that’s waiting to go to Disney World.  Our quilting group is planning a bus trip to the Missouri Star Quilting Company in October 2016.  That’s a whole year…but I’ll have something to look forward to for a long time coming.  You see I’ve been watching Jenny and her daughters teach quilting on YouTube videos for awhile.  Even my husband recognizes the quack that ends their theme song.  He smiles because he knows I’m happy when I’m spending time with Jenny or one of her daughters.

I’m hoping to meet all of them and Alan too when we visit Hamilton, Missouri.  This small town in rural Missouri has become a destination for quilters all over the world, thanks to the Doan family.  Jenny and her family moved to this small town about 20 years ago from California.  Jenny was a costume designer back west but they wanted a slower pace and a small town atmosphere to raise their kids.  Fast forward to 2008, the kids were grown and decided to find something for this mother of seven to do in her retirement years to keep her “busy”.  I’ll let her tell you her story in this video interview of Jenny Doan on Top of Mind, Episode 51 (June 2014).

Want to visit Hamilton, Missouri and all the shops that make up the Missouri Star Quilt Company? Ok, let’s go on a virtual tour along with  Vanessa, the “Crafty Gemini” our tour host.  She takes us on a virtual tour of all the shops that include (as of Fall 2015):

  • The Main Shop
  • Merchantile (Civil War, 1930’s reproduction fabrics)
  • Sew Seasonal (Holiday fabrics)
  • Batiks (Batiks)
  • Penney’s Quilt Shop (Solids and Basic fabrics)
  • Licensed to Sew (Novelty and Licensed fabric, i.e., teams and themed fabrics)
  • Future Welcome Center
  • Future “Man Cave” (a place for the men to hang out while the women shop)
  • and the Sewing Center Conference Center

The techie in me likes the interview with Alan Doan on the “Top of Mind”, Episode #51 (Part 2) .  Alan is one of the co-founders of Missouri Star Quilt Company and shares the secret to their success with an online presence.  Since I’m a programmer by trade and a quilter by passion…this is a rare treat for me to enjoy.  I hope you do too!

I’ve saved the best for last….the quilting video tutorials by Jenny Doan.  If you haven’t discovered the world of quilting before….you have now!  Oh wait….in case you wanted to shop let me show you the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s website and tell you about “quilter’s cash“.


Missouri Star Quilt Company sign

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