Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) takes practice and that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I bought panels and practiced using my free motion quilting option on my machine. It’s been slow going but I’ve still managed to finish up two crib quilts. I donated them both to our quilt group to give to one of the various charities the Manistee Victorian Quilters are associated with.

Barnyard Crib Charity Quilt FinishedThe first panel I fell in love with the barnyard animals in the quilt. The panel design included straight lines for the fence and the barn, larger faces in the foreground that I tackled next and once I felt a little more confident I ventured into the smaller animals and the leaves on the trees. I enjoyed working on one group of animals each day until the entire barnyard was quilted. I learned to pull up my bobbin thread, follow the lines and regulate the stitches as evenly as possibly for a novice. I took my time and operated at such a slow speed my husband asked what was wrong with my machine. It wasn’t the machine…it was me…following a steep learning curve.

trucks baby charity quiltThe second panel entertained me with the comical trucks that made me think of a Dr. Seuss scene. The outlines were smaller, more intricate but I was managing to keep it together and making progress on learning free motion quilting…finally.

I even did a scallop design on the border using my new ruler foot and gizmo ruler thingy. It’s a ruler with 4 or 5 different shapes, good bang for the buck on that baby! Working with the ruler was a little tricky due to the limited flat surface of my machine bed. I’m looking forward to doing more ruler work soon, it was a lot of fun!

Making these quilts was almost like coloring in a coloring book. It was fun, colorful and definitely taught me a lot of new techniques that I look forward to expanding on in near future.

After all, I’ve been sewing nearly all my life making dresses, shorts and clothes for the kids. Yes, I dabbled at quilting off an on for over thirty years. The first quilt, a Double Wedding Ring, nearly cured me from quilting ever again. What started out as machine piecing eventually gave way to hand piecing. I managed to get it about half quilted. Someday…

sewing fabric on shelvesOur garden has kept me really busy all summer and now it’s time for canning tomatoes, freezing peppers and getting the harvest preserved for the coming year. This year was a bad year for the tomatoes but great for peppers! Thank goodness I knew someone who grows her garden without all the chemicals, like I do. The nutrition in the soil determines the nutrition in the final fruit. Man, is the sauce this year sweet!

In the meantime, I’m in the process of moving my sewing room and getting it all organized and hopefully in ONE room and not in ONE HOUSE, as in all over the house….know what I mean? Here’s a sneak peak of things to come….stay tuned.


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