vendorsSunday found me checking out the fiber filled booths at the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival. I went in search of a drop spindle and my girlfriend, Marilyn, in search for a new spinning wheel. We both kept losing each other in various vendor’s booths.  When she found a wheel to test drive she would be sitting down and harder for me to spot amongst the crowd. I, on the other hand, kept stopping to visit with old friends and new, and I would sit down to have a chat not realizing I was harder for her to see too.  I love seeing an old friend, Laurie Ball-Gisch, from Lavender Fleece Farm and Studio.  She looked great!  I love the smells in her booth, full of lavender items from homemade soap to sachets. She also sells fleece, yarn and other items made from her Icelandic sheep and the handmade ceramics she makes in her studio.  She throws her pottery using a potter’s wheel.  I admire her talent.  You should see the mess I made when attempting to use a potter’s wheel…it wasn’t pretty.

One of the vendors, Windspun Farm Fibers, had fiber and yarn made from her sheep, felted pumpkins, knitted items and hand crafted gourd art. Cindy and her daughter, Jodi exhibit at several fiber shows around the area. I should have shopped a little longer in their booth but thought I had plenty of time to see their wares and if not…well they live just down the road from me…they are my neighbors.

They camped out for two nights with Jodi’s baby, Soren who is about 7 months old now.  He wasn’t to happy about the camping the first night but soon settled in when he knew his mom and his grandma were there and the fresh air made him sleepy.

hay wagon growing grassHave you ever seen grass growing on the top of hay bales?  I had to laugh when I spotted this hay wagon outside by the food vendor area. I wonder how long that wagon has been sitting there.  It must have been quite awhile for it to have sprouted like that.  While I sat and eat my lunch I watched as others did a double take when they too spotted the irony of the wagon’s load.

marilyns new wheelHere’s Marilyn’s new spinning wheel being packed up for her to take home.  She purchased a folding spinning wheel made by Lendrum.  It features a double treadle, a sliding spool winder, several bobbins, a lazy kate, and two flyers (regular and a jumbo for plying).  The vendor also threw in a big ball of fiber for her to spin.  This is the second girlfriend of mine that I’ve “helped” buy a Lendrum wheel.  Yes, it’s a good wheel and they both are happy with their choice.  She bought hers from apparently the only dealer in Michigan, Maple Row Stock Farm.  Here’s a list of Lendrum dealers and their phone numbers if you’re interested in buying one of these nice wheels. I’m such the enabler…

I personally prefer my Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel because I like to old fashioned look of the Kromski and I was able to stain it in a color to match my living room since the Kromski does offer an unfinished version.  My wheel isn’t a folding wheel but it is light enough to travel with but heavy enough to be stable when spinning.

after the showWhen the vendors were scheduled to close and start packing up to go home, they really got down to business. Just a few minutes after 4 PM as we were heading out to make our trek home I snapped one more picture to capture the “after show” scene. The fibery goodness sure gets packed up and put away fast.

What a weekend it was for me. Saturday was spinning at the Alpaca Farm Day and Sunday caught me buying more fiber to spin…someday.





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