heart quilt closeup1My heart recovery quilt is finished, washed and ready to put on the bed. I made this quilt while I was recovering from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest in December this past year. I cut out the pieces for this “Rail Fence” pattern just before I had my pacemaker implant.  While I was sore from the implant I could just sit and sew the strips together.  This was a project that kept me focused on something other than my health situation. I made plenty of mistakes in my first completely finished quilt….so I call it “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” which is what I kept telling myself as I made this masterpiece.  Abbie, my constant companion and Australian Shepherd, eyes the quilt with her natural herding gaze.  I know she won’t let this one get away, it’s headed for the guest bed as soon as it’s fully dry.

sunflowerToday’s the first day of school for my BFF, Sadie.  I wonder how her first day is going.  It’s hard to believe the summer is ending. The sunflowers that were so tall and proud just weeks ago are now drooping their heavy heads.  I see the birds nibbling on seeds from the mammoth center of the variety by the same name. I just hope they don’t attrack “the bear”.

My yearly physical went great!  My lab results from last week during my visit with Dr. Kahn came in for my regular health care provider to review with me during my visit for my insurance required health exam. I was so tickled at the results I squealed a little in joy!  The lady at the front desk heard me and commented that she thought someone had pinched me.

It’s been raining like cats and dogs here and I think I’ll watch a movie.  I’ve got a new recipe in the crock pot which I can’t wait to try.  I’ll tell you all about it if it turns out good.

P.S. I received a thank you card from Dr. Kahn for his Green Space Cafe apron. Thank you!


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