Twist back I first learned to knit as a young girl.  I borrowed my mom’s “how to knit” books while she wasn’t using them. I can’t begin to count the number of sweater backs I started.  It was a great exercise on tension and stitch definition.  I learned over the years to get gauge but my first completed sweater project is featured on the left.  It had cables and all the prerequisites of a complicated sweater pattern that I could chalk up to having finished.

Bitterroot on the fenceI’ve also knit lace shawls to provide some challenging knitting projects that require the knowledge of how to read graphs and how to place beads on the delicate knitted patterns.  I’ve knit several shawls but I’m not one to wear lace, so they eventually find a good recipient. I do make sure to photograph my projects before they find their new home.

I’ve got a WIP (Work in Progress) that is starting to look like a UFO (Unfinished Object) and has been sadly neglected.  I am going to finish my Fair Isle knitting sweater project if I can get past my fear of the steeks.

my Fair Isle sweater