Holy cow…what happened to summer? Can you believe a patchy frost advisory was issued for June 1st? What’s up in northern Michigan?

We purchased another addition for our fruit orchard this year, a “Stanley” plum tree. The Stanley variety doesn’t require another plum tree for pollination, so I’d requested one from my local nursery last year but they were unable to get one. This spring I got a phone call that they had one for me this year. So we bought it but it was a little too soon to plant it in the orchard. We were getting “patchy frost advisories” and it was the first of June.  The new plum tree spent some time in our greenhouse until the weather warmed up.

I created my new YouTube channel, Diane Sews, with a short video of me in the greenhouse with the new “Stanley” plum tree. I’m new at making videos and creating a YouTube account so thank you for understanding as I learn something new.  Videos are a little different than doing audio for my podcast, “Ba Ba Blacksheep“.  I am looking forward to sharing my podcast as I return as your host, “Bowpeep”, so stayed tuned.


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