heartbeatSince my heart attack in December of 2014, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to my heart.  In April of 2015, I had a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted.  I’ve discovered I have a condition known as a left bundle branch block, which has to do with the rhythm of the heart.  I didn’t have blocked arteries like most who have a heart attack.

I am fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Joel Kahn, a cardiologist who understands the importance of nutrition in your diet and it’s impact on your heart and your health. He wrote out my prescription for supplements that have made a miraculous difference in my overall health and vitality. He is on a mission, to prevent one million heart attacks.  His motto….”prevent, don’t stent”.

I was tested for MTHFR due to high homocysteine levels, and am homozygous (bad gene from both parents) for A1298C but not for the C677T, which is the gene variant for many cardiac patients.  The A1298C is more synonymous with neurons and neurotransmitters.  I now take a methylated version of the B vitamins which my body recognizes and distributes to my cells.  My levels were 19.3 but after 2 weeks on a methylated B vitamin my levels came down to 9.8.

The typical B vitamins made from folic acid are synthetic and undigestable for me. I’ve been deficient in B6.  The natural form, which is folate and not folic acid, is bioavailable for me and provides the extremely important ingredients for the methylation cycle, which is a key component in human life.  Mine was operating at about 10-30 percent capacity and getting worse.  Foods containing folic acid in the enhanced flours in processed breads, cereals and pastas are not good for me either. The folic acid gums up “the works” by interferring with the folate receptors and keeps the good folate from getting where it needs to go.

Whole Heart SolutionDr. Kahn understands this because he too is affected by a B6 deficiency and MTHFR in his genes.  He addressed this topic in his book, The Whole Heart Solution, and that is where I first learned about MTHFR.  I got a copy of his book for a “Get Well” present after my heart attack.  I read every word and took every suggestion to heart…quite literally.

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