This year I’m going backwards in time and celebrating an “unbirthday”.  I’ve decided there is no time like the present to celebrate living and buying myself a new sewing machine. So I took the plunge and purchased a brand new Janome “Skyline” model with all the bells and whistles I’ll need to sew and quilt to my heart’s content.

My old sewing machine had been with me for nearly 30 years. I purchased a new Singer sewing machine a few years after we got married. I think it was about 1985 when we lived in Florida and was between kids.  The old machine is still running but is now various shades of yellow plastic.  My old Singer doesn’t have all the pressure feet for quilting and the ones that did come with my old machine have been lost.

I’ve include a video of my new “Skyline” model made by Janome, mostly for my reference in case I lose the DVD that came with my machine or I can’t find the Owners Manual, which I can’t imagine ever happening.  You can watch the video if you’re interested in all the features. So far I’m loving it!


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