Would you travel 4.5 hours and stay overnight in a hotel to see your doctor? When you have a doc like Dr. Joel Kahn you do. Thanks to him I have a future and for that I am eternally grateful.  He’s opening up a new vegan restaurant called the “GreenSpace Cafe” in downtown Ferndale, Michigan, any day now.  I wanted to show my gratitude in a personal gift so I made him an apron with his cafe’s logo done in embroidery on the front.  It was apparent that he liked his gift as soon as he saw it. He donned the apron over his lab coat and went out into the office area to model it for the staff. Smiling faces were looking in at me, nodding their approval. Hubby clicked this picture before the joy of the moment passed and below is Dr. Joel’s Facebook post:

Oh my!!! Sweetest patient gift. A hand sewn GreenSpace Cafe apron. Speechless in gratitude. #service #doctor #teacher #healer

Posted by Dr. Joel Kahn – America’s Holistic Heart Doc on Thursday, September 3, 2015

My checkup went very well. I’m headed on the right path and healing after my heart attack, thanks to Dr. Kahn. He is a true healer, he understands that our bodies can heal themselves with the proper nutrition. Dr. Joel understands nutrition especially as it applies to our heart. He’s the first metabolic cardiologist in the world and I am grateful that he is my doctor and helping me to have a future.

We drove down to Detroit the night before and stayed at the Radisson Hotel in a poolside room. We arrived in time to catch a bite of dinner at Ruby Tuesdays across the street.  We were pleasantly surprised to find an option on the menu for the “Veggie Trio Combo”.  This dish consisted of 3 side dishes and the salad bar too.  I ordered steamed broccoli, baked spaghetti squash and the rice pilaf.  My salad was my version of a spinach salad with black olives, mushrooms, green peas, sunflower seeds and just a splash of vinegar and a dash of oil. I avoid eating prepared condiments when eating out. The sauces and dressings are where the sugar and salt are to plentiful. Also full of preservatives and flavor enhancers, like MSG.  Dr. Kahn is a vegan, he would have been proud of me.

After a good night’s sleep we headed to the lobby for our breakfast.  I chose to make a waffle in the hot waffle irons they had ready to use.  I wish the syrup on my waffle was pure maple syrup like I eat at home but I knew it probably wasn’t.  I had a couple cups of coffee and enjoyed every bite of my waffle until another diner was noticeably rude. A fellow sitting behind my husband was talking on his cell phone. He spoke in another language, not sure which one but it was from the Middle East.  Out of the blue, a guy sitting halfway across the room made gestures with his hands, as he asked quite loudly for the other guy to keep it down.  Moments earlier this same man was talking on his cell phone much more loudly than the gentleman he was complaining about.  I just wish everyone could live in peace and spread joy instead of intolerance towards other human beings. Namaste.

Now it was going on about 10:00 AM and checkout time was noon, so we decided to go for a swim. Our room was “poolside” and featured a sliding glass door that lead to an indoor pool area.  I nearly jumped out of my skin when I caught a glimpse in the crack of the curtains of a guy that started washing the window with a squeegee. I was on my cell phone listening to my girlfriend request my permission for her son to “break into” my house when the window washer scared me.

I had given her the key that went to the deadbolt in our mudroom to take care of our dogs while we were gone.  We “dog sat” for her dogs Monday, Tuesday and early Wednesday. She agreed to “dog sit” ours late Wednesday and Thursday.  Anyway, Wednesday night she went to feed the dogs and let them out.  The dogs were glad to be out of the mudroom and apparently Abbie had other ideas.  She refused to go back inside.  My friend spent an hour and a half trying to convince my very smart and very stubborn Aussie otherwise.  Apparently during the confusion she had locked the doorknob lock and locked herself out.

Well, the cats were “camping out” for the night by our design but the dogs were supposed to be spending the night in the mudroom.  I guess Abbie wasn’t to keen on the accomodations and preferred to wait for me outside in case I came home.  Chip, my “Wonder Dog” was locked in the mudroom by himself.  He has a tendency to challenge bear in the middle of the night (read my previous post) so he was definitely staying inside while we were gone.

Once they gained access into our house they opened up the sliding door and Abbie flew into the house.  She was ok going inside the house, she just didn’t want to be confined in the mudroom.  I guess to her it was like being in a jail cell….sorry girl.  I usually leave my dogs to wander around the house when I’m gone but I was afraid there might be an “accident” if they were left to long without a potty break.

Well, now the dog saga was over we had to solve the constant beeping that something was doing inside the house.  I thought it was our smoke alarm since it had beeped a few days ago to signal a new battery was needed.  They followed our instructions on how to stop the smoke alarm from beeping when the alarm sounded in full force and it became apparent that it wasn’t the beeping after all. It was coming from our battery backup for our tv, stereo and computerized audio/visual system.  We later learned that a lightening strike hit our neighbors phone line and toasted her phone. Only a week ago this same neighbor lost the pump to their well due to a lightening strike. That day a barn nearby burned down when the lightening started a fire.  We saw the fire trucks through the stained glass at church while the minister was preaching. Her son told her later that the lights went out while we were saying the Lord’s prayer and they came back on when we all said, “Amen”.

Just because I live in the country doesn’t mean there isn’t excitement. Another friend posted on Facebook a picture taken by a motion detection camera.  A few days ago she posted a fox which she suspected had eaten her chickens earlier this summer.  However today she had a picture of a mama bear and three cubs foraging at night.

So anyways, where was I…oh yeah…time for a swim.  We only had a couple of hours before it would be check out time so we opted for a swim in the pool.  Only one man was out in the pool area but he was working on his laptop with his cellphone close by on the table. The virtual office is a great improvement, especially for traveling salespeople. Before long we were chatting with him and learned he was visiting from New York. He looked a lot like the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, and my husband even commented this to the man. With a sense of humor he replied, “yeah, but without all the money”.

We spent some…money, that is…at Whole Foods before we headed for my appointment with Dr. Kahn.  We found a few greeting cards, some snacks and some cold pressed juice.  I ended up wearing some of my “Very Berry” all over my turquoise tshirt.  I was so sure the lid was on tight before I shook my juice.  Wrong.  I didn’t see the stains until we got to the doctor’s office.  I dabbed cold water on the stains and went in to see the doc with water spots all over the front of me.

The trip home was less eventful but it did include a little adventure in it too. I found someone’s cell phone in the bathroom and turned it into the manager at the Cracker Barrel where we had stopped for dinner. In appreciation he offered us both a dessert on the house for being so honest.  The apple dumplings tasted really good, but really sweet.

It was good to get home.  Our dogs realized we didn’t leave them forever and the cats were relieved they didn’t have to camp out anymore.  All is well.

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