Meet my sewing BFF (Best Friend Forever), Sadie.  She loves sewing as much as I do.  She’s already got a “stash” and doing a great job of adding to it.  Yesterday we got together for a sewing day and had a blast making an owl pillow from fat quarters and scraps of material.  It was her turn to show me how to sew something new. We worked on this project together and created a cute pillow that she took home where I know it will be loved and cherished.

We also fixed a seam in the pajama pants we made for her the last time we got together to sew.  Nothing major just a few stitches that popped and needed a little mending.  I think she wore them every night since we made them.  Now they’ve been washed several times they are getting soft and comfy.  Nevermind that it’s the middle of summer and they are made of flannel.  She’s 12 years old and going through a growth spurt. I hope she doesn’t grow out of them before winter weather comes.

I would love spending more time sewing with her but it’s a special treat when we do get together. She lives 30 minutes away from me and it is hard for me to drive back and forth to pick her up and take her home all in the same day and still have time to sew. I’m thinking of ways that we can share our love of sewing with fewer miles on the road.

Both times we got together to sew we stopped at Orchard Lane Country Store which is owned by a family from the Mennonite community. Yesterday we enjoyed listening to CD of Christian music that we got there.  Both times we left the store with chocolate covered raisins, so now according to Sadie, “it’s a tradition”. Here’s to more chocolate covered raisins and more fun sewing with Sadie!

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