cooking smallerNow I’ve gotten smarter, I eat organic food cooked from simple, fresh ingredients. No more processed food laden with salt, sugar and chemicals. No thanks!

Have you heard of the “Daniel Plan“?  It’s a great way to get in shape and the cookbook features some really tasty recipes.

Daniel PlanNo diets, no feeling of depravation, but rather the best food you’ve ever tasted.  When you eat clean, wholesome, nutritious food you eat less and lose weight without trying.

A plant based diet with all the colors of the rainbow that you’ve made from scratch is delicious. The only thing that can top that is when you grow the produce you cook. You don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t tasted a home grown tomato.

I’m going to share with you recipes and tips on how to cook delicious, nutritious food. I’ll have resources for you to learn more about which foods to eat for optimal health. Subscribe to my blog to keep updated on the scrumptious things I’ll be cooking in my kitchen. Talking about it is making me hungry.  How about you?

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