About Me

DianeHi, my name is Diane Lalomia and I’m a fiberholic.  I love to create things with fiber, whether it is wool or fabric.  I spin, knit, crochet, dye, sew, and I’ve even done some weaving.  I’ve made a few plant hangers in my macrame days.

Join me as I continue to explore the wonderful world of fiber. I’ll teach you what I know, learn more along the way and have some fun. I like to laugh, I love to eat and I’m passionate about everything I do.

In the past few years I’ve struggled with some pretty devestating illnesses.  I’ve looked a lot closer to what I was eating and using everyday in my environment and on my body.  I’m finding out where genes leave off and environment makes a difference.  The concept of epigenetics and more about the why and how it impacts future generations.

I’ve inherited my love of fiber from previous generations on both sides of my family. My father’s grandmother, Mama Jessie, was a big influence on me in more ways than one. She always had a big garden of vegetables and lots of flowers for the bees.  She had a farm with animals like cows, chickens and barn cats. She usually had a stray dog that had a doghouse and plenty of good scraps from the kitchen.

Mama Jessie and Mama RubyMama Jessie had an antique trunk that she kept in her bedroom. One summer when I visited her I got to see what she kept there. I found orphaned patches intended for a quilt. Lots of tatting needles and a few unfinished projects. She had some embroidery tucked away in the folds of fabric inside.  I have very few pictures of her but I do have this one along with my father’s mother, Mama Rubye, who by the way didn’t cook. I still have Mama Jessie’s sewing machine, made in the late 1800s and featuring the big foot treadle. I even have the owners manual for it.

Mama Rubye was somewhat the antithesis of Mama Jessie.  Every time we visited the farm, Mama Jessie would have our favorite pie freshly baked and warm from the oven.  Mama Rubye always managed to have plenty of Coca-cola in the small bottles and was always ready to go out to eat.

As long as I can remember my mother sewed. She had a fabric store when I was in high school and she insisted I learn everything possible about sewing in order to help the customers when I worked there. Funny how my sister never learned to sew on a button.  Another polar opposite in the family, eh?

dixie007I’ve been married for 34 years to the love of my life, my husband, friend and confidant. This picture was taken during a summer vacation in the mountains of North Carolina.  We eventually moved there and I never felt more at home than I did in the cove of those majestic mountains.  It’s one of the few pictures that I have of the two of us that isn’t one of our wedding pictures.

Two children later, we still enjoy life and haven’t killed one another.  However, he has threatened to if I ever try to divorce him.  How is that for incentive to stay married?