fall sky so blueThis is a day to behold, fall is definitely in the air and the sky couldn’t be bluer…what a perfect day to go for a walk.  I captured this magical day in pictures to remember forever.  My husband and I admired the beauty that is right before us in our own “backyard” so to speak.  This is a walk along our road and up to an area in the woods that is known by the neighbors as the “Sugar Shack”.  From these woods come the maple syrup in the early spring for the neighbors to tap and cook up in the shack on the hill.  Come along and enjoy the view too!

brilliant fall colors by VinceMy husband took this photo (right) that captured the sunlight on the trees and made them sparkle in the sun as though they were lit up and electrified.  The colors this year have been amazing and I’ve been enjoying every minute of the sunshine we’ve had.  I’m almost glad it rained most of the day on Friday and Saturday morning so I could rest awhile.

The power flickered off and on when I was in the fabric department at the Shop N Save on Saturday. My frequent shopper’s card was misfiled and I was helping to “find myself” again when the lights went out.  In just a few seconds, probably less than a minute the lights were on again and stayed on as long as I was in the store.  One of my neighbors lost her power overnight but she was able to stay with her daughter who lives across the street.  The weather is sunny today so I’ll be out again with my camera in hand to snap some “memories” before they are gone.

old walnut tree

We walked along our road until we came to this old olive tree with it’s gnarly old limbs stretching out against this picture perfect blue sky.  This walnut tree was hit by lightening many years ago and bears the scars on it’s trunk to this day.  Some years the walnuts are plentiful and other years not so much.  These are the kind that are good for dyeing naturally to create a soft warm brown. Natural dyeing with walnuts is fairly easy but messy and something you’d want to do outdoors.  Just steep a bucket full of walnuts in water for about a week and the natural tanins in the walnut will leech into the water and create a dye bath.  Before dyeing your fabric it’s best to strain the liquid off into another container that you can emerge your cloth or yarn into.  Let the item soak overnight before removing from the dye bath and rinsing well.

Abby by sugar shack

Our dog, Abby, sits on the path waiting for us to catch up to her.  She’s an Australian Shepherd and has so much energy.  I wish I could bottle some of her energy…don’t you?  Can you see the manure spreader in the background?  That’s something you don’t see everyday.  It belongs to the neighbors who use it for their sheep and goat farm.  Manure is considered black gold…don’t ya know…

Chip, “The Wonder Dog” was with us too but he was to busy exploring off camera to get his pciture taken.  If you haven’t heard how the “Wonder Dog” got his name you’ll have to read my post about the bear.  Yeah, you read it right….the bear.

I digress….now back to our walk.  I took these two photos that overlooked a field in front of the “Sugar Shack”.  You can see our shadows in the foreground and the electrical pole in the distance in the field.  You can see the expanse of open field and the fall colors on the maples with the greener evergreens that stand guard against the winter winds.   Since I took these pictures I remembered how to use the panorama feature on my camera.

panorama sugar shack field leftpanorama sugar shack field right

my way homeWe enjoyed the sunshine, the brilliantly blue sky, the fresh air and the intoxicating colors of fall before we headed back to the hacienda.  The dogs were excited to go for a walk but they reveled in the idea of going home, especially if it meant a cookie might be waiting for them.

According to my Fitbit we walked about a mile total and I was glad to get home and rest for awhile before dinner.  I love this shot that I took of our road and all of the trees with their beautiful fall colors.  This row of trees let me know I’m almost home…welcome to all that enter here.

turkeys on CermakOn my way out to go see the Art Prize Winner, I saw these turkeys crossing my road.  I stopped the car and tried to get close enough to get a picture.  Turkeys aren’t really that fast but these guys managed to move into the thicket were they were better camoflauged.

Turkey season isn’t for awhile and they seemed to be cognizant of that fact.  They are often spotted along the roads, unless it’s turkey season.  The wild turkeys aren’t as fat as the ones you buy in the store for Thanksgiving and they can move faster than “Butterball’s” cousin.

Upper Herring Lake by Chris KramerI stopped by my friend’s house to invite her to join me on my trip to the Oliver Art Center to see the Art Prize winner.  She was busy preparing for her father’s 100th birthday, which they celebrated on Saturday.  She couldn’t get away to go with me but I couldn’t leave without taking a picture of the lake across the road from her home.  This is Upper Herring Lake along the south side I believe.

There is a big white barn to the right and the wooden crates lay about waiting to be filled with apples from the orchard just beyond.  The view is stunning and I wanted to remember it long after the fields are frozen in white.  Shhhh….don’t even think about that now….

Betsie River from River Rd bridgeAfter my trip to the art center I decided to take a different road home so I took River Road and stopped by the Betsie River bridge to get some photographs.  I captured a couple of fishermen out in their canoe waiting for a bite.  There is a natural spring that empties out into the river right about where this canoe is.  I wonder if the fish are attracked to the fresh spring water too?

This time of year it takes me so long to go somewhere.  I guess if I didn’t jump out of my car every few hundred feet to get a picture I would get places a lot faster, huh?  But the joy is all in enjoying the moment, isn’t it?

green leaves kissed by sunshineBefore I leave you I wanted to share a picture that I took in my front woods that captured the light in a tantalizing way.  If I can’t bottle the sunshine, at least I can save it for a rainy day…





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